Chod hooks are designed with an out-turned eye and give great presentation with pop up baits. This results in an excellent hook hold on captured fish.

Chod hooks are great for most rigs which incorporate a buoyant bait, such as Zig rigs and Chod rigs. the can also be effectively fished with bottoim baits as well.

These hooks are manufactured in Japan. They are made from the finest grade Japanese High Carbon Steel, giving them far superior strength compared to many other hooks on the market.

They have a non reflective black double PTFE (Teflon) coating. The double PTFE coating helps give them a silky smooth finish for quicker hook penetration. 

These hooks are extremely sharp straight out of the pack. As with most needle sharp hooks the tips will blunt very quickly and as such we recomend changing or sharpening the hook after every fish hooked.

Available in sizes 6 and 8, in both micro barbed and barbless.

WeedCamo Chod Hook