Adaptable 3 rod bankstick setup consisting of the following:


1 X NGT Adaptable Bank Stick System Case - For Storing Complete Adaptable Sets (624), A case designed to hold the NGT Adaptable banksticks and accessories. This will hold everything you need for a full set up! (Also works well as a standard Buzz Bar Bag.


6 X NGT ADAPTABLE Bank Stick - 20-30cm Stainless Steel, An adaptable stainless steel bank stick which extends from 20-35cm. This bank stick has a threaded end allowing it to be screwed directly into a buzz bar.


2 X NGT ADAPTABLE Ground Spike - 13cm Stainless Steel, A 13cm fixed stainless steel ground spike for use with the NGT adaptable bank sticks.


2 X NGT ADAPTABLE Stabiliser - Stainless Steel, A stainless steel stabiliser for use with the NGT adaptable bank sticks. (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS DESIGNED TO FIT OUR 13CM GROUND SPIKE AND NO OTHER BANK STICK.)


(2 NGT ADAPTABLE Stagestand - Stainless Steel, A stage stand designed to fit our adaptable bank sticks. These can be used directly with the adaptables or via a buzz bar. can be purchased seperately to allow the whole kit to be used on a stand.)


2 X NGT Stainless Steel Buzz Bar - 3 Rod 30cmA stainless steel, 30cm, 3 rod buzz bar with multi-lock ends.

NGT adaptable 3 rod setup

SKU: NGT10030