These matching bait syrups are full of food attractors found within the bait. The high amino levels as well as food signals make these ideal for boosting up baits as well as spod mixes and more..

mix with water for a sloppy spod addative or just fill your boilie bag with it .. a must have



A high quality liquid nut amino.

Using high grade nuts, this is a pure hydrolysate and smells like liquid peanut butter and oozes food signals


Choc 'M' Liquid Cloud

This super sweet amino based liquid is designed for a multitude of uses.  From clouding up zig mixes to using it pure as a heavy bottom hugging liquid.  This is the ideal attractor to add to any mix.


Sweet Tiger Nut Extract

This sweet sticky tiger nut extract is great for a multitude of uses.

From stick mix to boosting baits this sugar rich liquid is perfect.

Add as much as you want. Once open please store in a fridge or cool area to prolong life ( 4 weeks ).


Amino C3

A blend of 3 highly attractive food liquids designed for many applications from boosting hookbaits to adding to pellet and crumb.

highly attractive and full of food signals for instant and long based attraction

CR Baits 'Syrup' 500ml