The CR1 is a high quality HNV milk protein based bait. Containing quality cassiens, whey proteins and caseinates, with soluble liver and yeast, along with tigernut flour and 10% oyster shell . This creamy and sweet this steamie has been balanced with scopex and black pepper to create a bait for use all season long on short sessions and as a campaign bait.

Availible in 1Kg packs and in 12mm and 15mm sizes



Based on highly soluble white and red fish meals with a good inclusion of krill meal. The addition of robin red and chilli powder lends a gentle heat to the mix. A blend of three marine liquids and aminos make this a complete bait.

Deep rich and well rounded this is a fine big fish bait that will work all year round.

Availible in 1Kg packs and in 12mm and 15mm sizes



This blend of rich nuts and creams to form a base mix that carp find irresistible blended with a squid and tangerine flavour pack make this a great year long bait and ideal for a nut dominate venue.

Availible in 1Kg packs and in 12mm and 15mm sizes


Strawberry Ice

These purpose made winter baits are sure to be an absolute winner.

Using a highly digestible winter base mix with added red bird food this pale white bait is visual as well as highly attractive. the rich strawberry aroma comes from a firm winter fave in the shape of strawberry oil palatant and when blended with the rich cream flavorful it takes you back in time.

These baits do not have dedicated hookbaits but why not use the specials range or indeed some strawberry cream boosted hookbaits over the top to allow you a whole range of options.

CR Baits Shelflife boilies

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