A Blend of the best, A mix of 8mm Coppens Premium course pellet and 11mm Skretting course pellets makes this a perfect summer feed pellet and an even better winter feed due to its lower oil content. 


Coppens Premium Coarse Pellets are very water stable, allowing them to disperse on the lake bed as whole pellets.


The Premium Coarse pellets are a fish meal based pellet with the added attraction of natural fish oils leaving a lasting flavour trail.

The pellets are ideal as feed pellets.


Protein Content                          32%

Fat Content                                 9%

Fibre Content                              2.4%

Phosphorus Content                  0.87%

Crude Ash Content                     5.3%

Calcium Content                         0.7%


Skretting Coarse Pellets have a unique smell and taste due to their vegetable proteins, fish oils and vegetable oils.


The Skretting Coarse pellets offer good all round performance, and are ideal as a feed pellets.


These are developed as lower protein and oil fish feeds, with the majority of the protein coming from vegetable origins.


They are ideal for use on commercial fisheries as feed pellets. Being low in oil means that the pellets will absorb liquids readily, allowing the feed to be customised with any colour and flavourings.


Protein Content                          29-32%

Fat Content                                 9%

CarpyLife Coppens/Skretting Low oil Mix