Coppens mixed feed pellets are perfect for all fish feed situations. Due to the mixture of sizes and pellet base build up the pellet mix creates a swim, which attract and hold the fish.


The Coppens Premium Select Pellets are halibut high oil pellets, almost black in colour, with a very unique smell and taste due to the high-quality marine fish meals. A 1-6 hour breakdown time gives them the advantage of a slow flavour release.


The Coppens Premium Coarse Pellets are fish meal based pellets, designed to be very water stable and packed with natural fish oils leaving a lasting flavour trail while allowing them to disperse on the lake bed as whole pellets.

With two awesome baits already added to our Coppens mixed pellets, we finish off by adding Coppens Premium Carp Pellets. High in animal protein, this low oil fish feed is packed with goodness and flavours. Vitamins A, C, D & E plus a slower disperse of aromas, means the fish will go into a feeding frenzy.


Protein Content                          32 – 34%

Fat Content                                 9 – 15%

Fibre Content                              2.1 – 2.4%

Phosphorus Content                  0.87 – 0.93%

Crude Ash Content                     5.3 – 5.9%

Calcium Content                         0.7 – 0.9%

CarpyLife Coppens mix

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